Dr H's super dooper folate breaky

Dr H's super dooper folate breaky

This recipe provides ~627mcg of dietary folate, which is 50% of your needs if you are trying to conceive or in the first trimester and choose to eat food instead of take a folic acid supplement (see our other new folate blogs to help you wrap your head around this idea - food instead of a supplement!). It is 100% of the RDI for everyone else!!
We are sure we don't have to tell you that you are getting way more than just folate from this bounty! Plus it's super quick and delicious.


4 slices organic sourdough bread
5 organic eggs
2 cups of watercress
1 medium avocado
2 tsp (or to taste) dukkah
salt and pepper to taste


Toast bread, and butter when it's cooked.
Meanwhile, add some butter (or your preferred cooking fat) to a cast iron frypan and melt over a medium to high heat. Crack the 5 eggs into the pan and fry until cooked to your liking. Obviously pregnant mummas, unless you know the source of your eggs and know they are salmonella free, fully cook the yolks.
Once the eggs are cooked, remove from pan and put onto your toast. Toss the watercress into the hot pan, adding more butter if required. Season during cooking.
Once the watercress is just wilted (~2 mins), remove from the pan and pour over your eggs - butter and all.
Scoop the avocado on top of the watercress and egg amazingness on toast, sprinkle with dukkah, add a little more seasoning and enjoy.

This serves 2 people. 

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