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Born from our desire to ‘give back’ to those on the frontlines during COVID-19, these nutrient-filled, super-delicious, choc full of goodness Hero Bars, came to life to support those most in need of a power-packed dose of thank you very much during 2020 – our heroes.  

When we realised what was being done by our emergency service workers throughout the pandemic– our nurses, firefighters, police officers and paramedics – that these courageous everyday people were putting their own lives on the line to help us, we were gobsmacked with gratitude.

We’ve always promised to give 50% of our profits back to the organisations and the people who move and inspire us. And, we’ve been donating healthy food to people in need even before we made our first sale. So, we just knew we could help.  

We launched our first e-Recipe Book and put all the proceeds towards nourishing and supporting these heroes in the best way we knew how – with nutrient dense, ultra-yummy snack food.

The Hero Bar of today started its illustrious journey as a deliciously fudgy, chocolate power ball, charged full of the kind of goodness that could keep any over-worked, sleep-deprived hero, super happy.

Because as it turns out, leaving your home and family to stand between us and a global threat to our health is hard work – emotionally and physically. But while our heroes worked tirelessly to keep us safe, we worked hard too, lifting their spirits and filling their bellies by donating more and more of these chocolatey power bites.

Soon, we were bursting with pride. These chewy raw food delights were sticking to ribs and warming hearts. So, we made even more, and donated these ones to the homeless. Suddenly, we felt like we were truly carrying out our mission of changing people’s health, and nourishing those without access to good nutrition. And we couldn’t believe it, because we discovered pride doesn’t actually have a maximum fill line. We could be even more proud – and we were!

Our ‘Hero Bar’ is a tribute to all the heroes out there, the men and women who faced the challenges of COVID-19 head on, and the families who watched them go, with two hands clenched over their mouths. Their bravery is the reason we are safe.

So, we named a chocolate + peppermint bar after them. No big deal. The Hero Bar’s new, elongated shape has the same, wholefood goodness as its little round predecessor, we just smooshed the balls down a little, so they wouldn’t roll off tables or out of hands. We like the new shape, because as our signature all-rounder bar, it kind of represents our growth and evolution as a company this past year too.

Whatever shape it’s in, one thing’s for sure. The Hero is super nourishing and totally delicious. We hope its story continues to arouse generosity and that you’ll be inspired to share them with your own heroes, whoever they may be.  

Check out our Give a bit movement to see what we have been up too since our first donation.

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