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We read a lot here at Eat for You. You will find the scientific literature, books, websites and any other sources that we use to form our catalogue of wisdom for you to peruse below. If you think there is a reference missing, or you’ve read something that you think we would enjoy, please let us know

These are the papers that have influenced our perspective on folate and folic acid.

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Australian and New Zealand Nutrient Reference Values for folate -

Folate content in foods derived from Food Standards Australia New Zealand (2019). Australian Food Composition Database – Release 1. Canberra: FSANZ. Available at

RANZCOG Vitamin and  Mineral Supplementation Guidelines for Pregnancy -,-Amended-May-2015_1.pdf?ext=.pdf (currently under review)

Australian Health Survey -

These are the papers that have influenced our perspective on nausea and vomiting of pregnancy.

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