Clean + Conscious Awards 2022

Eat for You wins in the Clean + Conscious Awards

Two of the Eat for You bars have won both Gold and Editors Choice in the Kids Nutrition and Vegan categories. The awards recognise the best products that are clean (non-toxic) and conscious (ethical, sustainable and responsible). 

The Vegan category celebrates the Lemme Feel Well lemon + ginger snack bar, offering 900mg of ginger, enough to ease the symptoms of nausea and motion sickness. In addition, it’s packed with healthy fats, fibre and protein, ~34% RDI of magnesium and vitamin E. The latest addition to the product range is the Little Hero chocolate + coconut snack bar, designed for kids, it wins the Kids Nutrition category. Boasting a nut free recipe with only four simple ingredients, kids and adults alike are enjoying this snack in their lunchboxes. 

Eat for You Founder, Dr Hayley Dickinson, PhD, says “we are honoured to receive the Gold and Editors Choice, it supports our mission to deliver good food to everyone. I’m so proud of the team and all that we have achieved so far. I look forward to the day when all food products are clean and honest. A world where our food is good for us, communities and the planet is something we should all strive for.”

The Clean + Conscious Awards 2022 is in its fourth year and is 100% independently run. There have been more than 400 finalist products selected across 86 categories including Skincare, Zero Waste, Baby, Kids, Fitness, Food & Nutrition and Home. All finalist products have been scientifically-researched and are verified to be non-toxic, as well as sustainable, ethical and responsible. 

Eat for You’s mission is to make nutritious food accessible to everyone. They do this by nutrient testing every batch they produce; sharing their recipes and using 50% of their profits to feed those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. Eat for You snacks all come in sustainable certified home compostable packaging. Simply pop the wrapper in a compost bin and it will be gone in 26 weeks or less.

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