During pregnancy

During Pregnancy

Mothers are the key to prosperity and health

The World Health Organisation acknowledges that when mothers fail to get access to a variety of safe, healthy foods during pregnancy and lactation, it has long-term social and economic consequences. It’s a big picture problem. By optimising women's health, we in turn shape the health of our children and reduce the chronic disease burden that affects too many Australians today.

You can choose the foods your baby will prefer to eat

Your food choices during pregnancy influence your children’s future food preferences. Did you know that? It’s something we might prefer to avoid knowing if hot chips are the only food you feel you can stomach during pregnancy! But here’s the fact - by the second trimester, your baby has its taste buds and can taste the foods you eat through the amniotic fluid. Imagine being able to avoid dinner table frustrations (eat your vegetables!) before your babies are even born, simply by eating more vegetables yourself. Providing your baby with healthy foods at weaning reinforces this further.

What you eat builds your future family

We are what we eat, it’s a simple fact. The food we eat:

✔️Forms the building blocks of our babies’ bodies

✔️Provides the energy our babies need to grow

✔️Supports our body’s needs throughout pregnancy

✔️Prepares our body for after pregnancy. 

Did you know that the choices you make during pregnancy also affect the health of your grandchildren? When you are pregnant with a girl, you are growing the eggs that will give rise to your grandchildren. You can set in motion the health of your grandchildren before your own child is even born. Now if that notion doesn’t blow your mind, we don’t know what will!

There are some foods pregnant women need to avoid

We’d wager a fair bet here at eat for baby that if you’re pregnant, or you’ve been pregnant, these warnings will be something you’ve come across. Because of changes in the immune system during pregnancy, women are at increased risk of serious consequences of infection from food-borne pathogens. There are some foods that are best avoided during pregnancy. The good news is, the list is quite short!

Eat for You offers foods that are packed with the nutrients your body is asking for, to meet the needs of you and your growing baby.