At Eat for You we believe everyone deserves the right to access good food and that the choices we make matter.

The choices we make about the foods we eat matter for each of us directly, for our families and for the health of mother earth. We’re talking about the kind of food that builds wellness, not illness. Whole food ingredients and recipes that teach and inspire you to pay it forward to current and future generations. Where you start to create your own family tree of health.

Now, we all come to this time in our lives with different resources available to us. Some of us have an abundance, whilst some are still building their toolkit.

That’s why we like to call our offering a ‘choose your own adventure’. Remember those books? Where it’s you who controls the choices you make and the path your story takes? 

No matter where you’re at right now, here’s what we can offer you:

    • Delicious and simple recipes so you can DIY.
    • Pre-made food that is delicious, made using whole ingredients that are minimally processed and handled in a way that is as close to nature as possible. This is our specialty.
    • A commitment to return 50% of our company profits in food donations, community and individual grants, research, and more.
    • A growing catalogue of inspiration from a range of sources so that you can find the story that aligns for you.
    • Sourdough bread culture and bread proving baskets so you can make your own bread to nourish your family.
    • Heirloom seeds so that you can grow your own produce and allow you to collect the seeds for future plantings.
Coming Soon
  • Access to cookware and kitchen supplies that align with our philosophy of low tox, nutrient enhancing food storage, preparation and handling.

Well, which adventure do you choose today?