Our Partners

One of the greatest things about the way we do business here at Eat for You is the opportunity we have to work with other amazing organisations doing really special things.

People who open up their hearts and resources to us, share our values, feature us in their offerings or websites, and shout out praise for Eat for You on socials.

Our bars are also sneaking into some pretty cool places, so lets give these businesses the love and support they deserve!

Here is an ever growing list of good guys.

Organisations who include our products in their offerings:

Euphemia Organics 
Bright Wellness
To Plate
Pineapple Boxes
Soul Bundles

Zoya Collective - 

Little People Designs

Fantaisie Gift Hampers
Euphemia Organics
Go For Zero

Organisations we support with food and resources:

The Babes Project
Baby Give Back
The Avalon Centre
Victoria Police
Ambulance Victoria
Melbourne Fire Brigade
Monash Medical Centre
 Maroochydore Neighbourhood Centre
The Good Box Enterprise
The Shack
The Daily Bread


Businesses we work with to achieve our vision:

 Kitz Living Foods
PA Packaging Solutions
Australia Post
Bowie + Len
Bank Australia


Want to join one of these lists? Contact us, we'd love to hear from you. hello@eatforyou.com.au

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