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Peppermint and chocolate really are a stunning combination, don’t you think? 

Our signature ‘all rounder’ bar:

  • is packed to the brim with raw, organic wholefood ingredients.
  • boasts ~30% of your daily dietary fibre. You’re welcome!
  • delivers nutrients you need, and nothing you don’t.
  • is clean, vegan and free of protein powders, fillers, preservatives and added sweeteners.
  • is free from gluten, GMO’s or contaminants, as testing for these things is part of our promise to you.
  • leaves you with a clean, fresh minty palette and a wrapper you can compost at home. The planet will love you for it.

Certified organic ingredients*: dates*, almond butter*, cashews*, chia seeds*, flax seeds*, brazil nuts*, hemp seeds*, pumpkin seeds (pepitas)*, cacao powder* (3.96%), coconut oil*, desiccated coconut*, Mentha piperita (Peppermint) oil (0.1%).

Allergen statement: Contains NUTS. Made in a facility that handles tree nuts, sesame and soy. Free from wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, fish, shellfish, peanuts and cane sugar. May contain date pits or pit fragments.

Product care instructions: The Eat for You bites and bars are shelf stable for 6 months at or below room temperature. For optimum product presentation and customer experience, store them at a low temperature (22 degrees or below). You will need to ensure the product remains cool and stays out of direct light/heat. If you choose to stock the loose bites, clean tools must be used to handle the bites and the bites jar is to remain sealed at all other times to ensure freshness.

Product Description: 62 x 16g (1kg) unwrapped bites packaged in a single home compostable pouch. To be stored in a glass jar and sold as individual 16g bites.

Minimum order: 2kg (124 units).

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$1.38/ 16g bite


$2.15/16g bite