Our Give

So far, Eat for You has donated 565kg of food to those in need.


At Eat for You, we believe that everyone deserves access to good food.

When we started our company, we made a promise. A promise to ourselves. A promise to our planet. And a promise to the people who inhabit this great Earth.

Our quest began with big goals in mind. A pledge to use 50% of our after tax profits to feed those who are experiencing disadvantage. It seemed like a no brainer to us, this giving back thing.

Since our humble beginnings, we have gone above and beyond our goals. We have fed those experiencing homelessness, domestic abuse survivors, healthcare industry staff, emergency service providers, those in low income areas, new mothers, children and so much more. 

We have taught the importance of good health to thousands. Spread the wealth of delicious food. Listened. Learned things we can never unlearn.

We have shared dinner tables, sent notes of support, made lifelong friends and been welcomed in the most beautiful of ways by some pretty special humans.

Our direct food donations bring more than just food. They bring community. Joy. Laughter. And fill our cups to overflowing.

Your purchase is what allows us to fulfil this dream of ours. By buying our products, you are getting so much more than just delicious food. By buying our products, you are giving to those who need support the most. It's a win win, really. A journey we are so glad you have chosen to join us on.

So, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. 

Organisations we support with food donations and resources:

The Shack - Sunshine Coast 

The Shack is a privately funded community centre in Nambour, QLD, assisting those experiencing hardship and/or homelessness. Founded and run by the Dowler family, they provide food, essential items, pathways to education and pastoral care to those who seek their service. They also run a tiny home housing program for men experiencing hardship.

In 2021, we provided short dated stock if/when we had it and assisted at their ‘Trees of Hope’ Christmas event. They also use our bites for their coffee station and our bars for family meal packs.

The Babes Project - Victoria

The Babes Project work to support and educate vulnerable women in pregnancy and early motherhood.

In 2020/2021 - we supplied bars for their welcome packs plus bites + jars.

The Good Box Enterprise - National 

The Good Box Enterprise provides first rate gift boxes containing essential items to those experiencing homelessness across Australia. Founded by Maddy Jones and Gali Blacher, TGBE connects with community partners in each state to distribute these boxes.

In 2021, we provided bars for both their Mother’s day and Father’s Day gift boxes.

Baby Give Back - Gold Coast

Baby Give Back help families in crisis because they believe every baby deserves an equal start. They provide donations via social service agencies and case workers to Mum’s in need.

In 2021 we provided bars for inclusion in their ‘safe start’ boxes, plus bites for the volunteers who donate their time to work at the BGB warehouse.

Partners we have donated to:

Indigenous Basketball Australia


Kick Start For Kids 

The Babes Project

Maroochydore Neighbourhood Centre

The Avalon Centre

The Shack

Baby Give Back

Ambulance Victoria

Victoria Police

Melbourne Fire Brigade

Monash Medical Centre

Launch Housing