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what people are saying...

 “I love being able to throw a couple of Hero bars in my bag and know that if I don't get a chance to stop for lunch they'll get me through the day.”

- Mandy

what people are saying...

This bar is next level yum! Jam packed with chocolatey-peppermint goodness. I've never had something so good for you taste so delish! I could live off these forever!

- Emma Mc

what people are saying...

 “The Hero is pepperminty delight 10/10! Lemme gets 11/10 though.

- Tim

what people are saying...

“Eat For You Hero bars are perfect for fussy teenagers who otherwise wouldn't eat nutritious healthy food."

- Anon

what people are saying...

“The Hero bar has been an absolute 'go-to' snack in our house. With a busy household & 2 active teens, everyone knows to grab a Hero bar when they need a quick snack. The choc peppermint flavour is a winner!!!!"

- Marlo

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