Lifestage Nutrition

What we eat always matters. We believe this to be true for everyone, at every stage of life.

We also understand that there are key moments in our lives where the food we eat has the power to change, for better or worse, our health in that moment and beyond. It also underpins the health of future generations. This is why Eat for You exists - to help you optimise the transitions through key life stages, ultimately providing you and those that come after you with the kind of health you would wish to be granted yourself.

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Before we deep dive into the world of life stage nutrition, let’s define some terms to make it easier for you:

  • Health is the absence of disease, in other words, a state of ease
  • A future generation is anyone who is born after you.
  • To optimise is to get the most out of something.
  • Life stages are the common and uniform phases or moments in life that humans pass through - typically infancy, childhood, adolescence, young adulthood, mid-life and old age.
  • Transition is a period of changing from one stage to another.
  • Food is a nutritious substance to eat or drink that is absorbed to maintain life and growth.
  • Homeostasis is optimal functioning of all of our body systems.

Eat for You is built upon the concept of life stage nutrition. That is, the belief that there are key times in our life when our body requires extra nourishment. Times when we are not simply maintaining homeostasis, but where we are growing, changing or preparing for future generations.

The current (and general) perspective during these transitional periods of our life is to find them incredibly challenging. To survive them. Our children might exhibit behavioural ‘problems’, our adolescents may ‘withdraw’ and as we start to prepare for pregnancy we learn that it isn’t so easy and we might wonder ‘what’s wrong with me’. As we age and go through menopause we might feel we ‘lose ourselves’.

At best, during these times, we might be recommended to supplement our diet with a limited selection of nutrients - typically synthetic - or offered some medication to address key symptoms. We are basically left to flounder our way through. 

What if there was another way? A way that honours the transitional moments in our life. A way that uses mother nature's gifts to nourish you and in turn nourishes her. A way that prepares your body for these changing moments. We think there is. And we believe it starts with the food we eat - the very building blocks of our body and the greatest impact we humans have on mother earth - food production. Of course it’s not just about food, it’s about community, story, movement and connection - we wish to build those elements with you, too.

Are you in? Willing to try something new? An approach to health and healing that will address the individual, you, as well as the collective, mother earth and all her inhabitants. Securing future health for those still to come.

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