Cooling Climate Hot Headedness

Cooling Climate Hot Headedness

by permaculture expert - Ryan Dickinson

Paying close attention to the movement of our planet's climatological systems, from the known stable, to the unknown unstable, can be daunting and frightening.

With different groups putting up giant clocks to count us down to doomsday, it sometimes feels as if that fabled preacher with his 'THE END IS NIGH' sign has been given an even larger platform to spout the troubles we are all pretty familiar with. 

In some regards, having a pressing, pushing, prodding environmental awareness campaign seems like a justified response to the enormity of the Earth’s  situation. In other regards, crying wolf desensitises, and when it is shouted even louder to accommodate this, we learn to ignore even harder. Which isn't a great recipe for the progressive action we need, really.

There are still so many unknowns in ecology, in global systems, in how our climates have shifted and will forever continue to shift. We don't want to let this unknown lead us into lethargy or apathy or simple non action. We don’t want to fall down the rabbit hole of 'well don't worry, we don't know what happens and so I won't make any changes’.

Instead, change must be expected. Change is the only constant. Making some (maybe many) changes in how we treat the Earth is required. But knowing where to make them is the difference between, get it.

To make it really simple, just bring it down to Earth.

Soil is fundamental. 

That's it.

Decrease concrete coverage, increase plant diversity and reduce mowing/tilling/spraying. You will be making some serious contributions right there. Contributions that are more important than an electric car, more important than a reusable straw, more important than recycling correctly (though those things are still impactful, of course).

Soaking in this simple knowledge, and easy enough change, has a calming effect. And let’s face it, we could all do with fewer things shaking us into frenzies of anxiety.

To truly understand the meaning behind investing in our soil, give this video a watch

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