Hero Balls

Hero Balls

Meet our Hero bar recipe - in ball form!

Recreate our healthy snacks in the comfort of your own kitchen.

Created in honour of heroes everywhere, turning up when things get hard. We've donated a heap of these little babes to various groups of heroes, including healthcare providers, emergency services workers and the homeless. This has all been possible thanks to the many Eat for You customers who buy our eBooks.

Loved by all, this hero will be there for you at 3pm when the afternoon slump hits. Or at a 2am feed. Or any time you could use a little extra strength to carry you through.

We share this hero ball recipe with you so you can make and enjoy good food, and share it with your loved ones.


100g of dried dates
40g of almond butter
20g of raw cashews
10g of cocoa powder
12g of brazil nuts
12g of chia seeds
10g of pumpkin seeds
10g of flax seeds
10g of hemp seeds
10g of coconut oil


Blitz all ingredients in a food processor until the mixture starts to come together. Turn the food processor off and scrape the mixture down from the sides. Blitz again until you reach your desired consistency (smooth/chunky).
Roll into balls and, if desired, coat in a mixture of chia seeds, desiccated coconut, and flax seeds for crunch and an extra nutrient boost.

Makes ~12 balls

Want to mix up the flavours a little? We love adding 3 drops of food grade peppermint essential oil just before blending to create choc peppermint hero balls. You can even create a healthy Jaffa, by adding 4-5 drops of food grade orange essential oil to the hero ball recipe above just before blending.

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