Introducing Eat for You Ambassador Pete Mann!

Pete is the kind of guy we all want as a friend. Optimistic, spirited and with a 'glass half full' attitude, Pete is the living version of the coffee company he founded in 2018 - Octeine.

A recognised brand in South Australia, Octeine is a coffee company with a love for outdoor activity and adventure. Add together the 'oct' from octane with the 'eine' from caffeine and you get the very ethos of this brand - inspiration to get outside and enjoy life! Every day, you'll see him serving up coffee with a beaming smile from one of the four Octeine locations around Adelaide.

As for how Eat for You bars fit into his busy life? Well - let's just say he'd be lost without them for breakfast. And, sometimes lunch. Occasionally dinner...and dessert. Old mate loves a convenient (and healthy) snack!

As if we needed another reason to love Pete, he's also no stranger to a social cause. A desire to help people inspired him to take on a monumental challenge early in 2021 - A 100km ultramarathon with all proceeds going to the bushfire affected wine areas of the Adelaide Hills. The "wine not run 100km" event was a huge success with just under $10,000 being donated to the region. His active social conscience is the perfect fit for us here at Eat for You.

Fun fact - a high school Geography teacher by trade, Pete also played SANFL football for the Port Adelaide Magpies before retiring due to injury. He now spends his time running, surfing, raising his beautiful daughter Gigi and of course - enjoying a coffee.

Pete's Ambassador role helps us at Eat for You by bringing awareness to our 50% profit donation. To put it simply, the more food we sell, the more food we can give back to those experiencing homelessness or disadvantage.

Here's what Pete had to say about Eat for You:

Why do you love Eat for You?

I love Eat For You because of the authenticity of the brand - providing a product with real ingredients and nothing else (and absolutely owning that fact)
What do you love about Eat for You bars?

I love the bars because they are a quick, healthy, organic snack which I can take with me anywhere. I have a box sitting in my car and will often snack on my way to work in the morning!
Which Eat for You flavour is your favourite?

Favourite flavour: Little hero - Chocolate and Coconut. Yummmm
What made you want to become an ambassador?

I wanted to become an ambassador because of the uncompromising values of the company. I love the taste and variety of the products, the sustainable packaging, the teamwork within the staff and founders. I am proud to call myself an ambassador for a company that actually gives a bit!

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