At Eat for You we take our commitment to preserving the future of Mother Earth very seriously. We don't do anything here at Eat for You without considering its effects upon our environment. We do this because our health is directly linked to the health of our planet. 

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When we say our food is organic, it means we believe that food grown in nutrient rich soil, free from pesticides and other harmful chemicals, is best for everyone. It’s what you deserve to eat and we’ve taken the view that it’s our mission to provide it to you.

When we say we use home compostable packaging, it means we’ve searched the globe for a certified home compostable cellulose based wrap for our food that will break down into carbon dioxide, water and biomass in your home compost, in less than 26 weeks, without negatively impacting the earth worm population of the compost. We don’t want any trace of our packaging to end up in the ocean, so we’ve partnered with the teams at PA Packaging solutions and Compostme to achieve this.

When we say we use recycled, recyclable or home compostable products for our postage and marketing collateral, it means EVERY order you place will be packed (by us!) in a FSC cardboard box or Better Packaging Co home compostable satchel and brought to your door by Australia Post. Australia Post carbon offset all deliveries. Inside that box maybe a woolpack liner, to keep your food temperature stable as it travels the country. This is reusable many many times. If that wasn’t enough, any flyer you receive from us is printed on post consumer recycled paper. Practically, we don’t print more than we need.

When we say we work from home, well, it means we work from home! We don’t power a big office space and spend our days nattering about the weekend at the printer. We use technology to streamline our work processes. As mothers, we apply the same principles of conservation, responsibility and regeneration with our families, as we do with our business. We teach our kids to value - and be grateful for - the resources available to them. Because they are finite.

Our manufacturing partner, Kitz Living Foods, is powered by 100% wind. As owner operators, we are taking direct responsibility for the impact our business practices have on Mother Earth. We plant trees personally within our gardens, and with partners such as Alsahawa to reforest our lands. We are a part of the Farmers Footprint and Kiss the Ground movement dedicated to regenerating the earths soil.  How could we not, when changing the course of our future generation’s health is the reason we exist?

We are always looking for ways to do more and be better, so please don't hesitate to reach out to us if you know of ways that we can improve.