The Eat for You Team


Eat for You founder, Dr Hayley Dickinson (BSc (Hons), PhD), wants one thing in life; for her role to be made redundant. Why? Because this means the picture of global health would look vastly different to how it does today. It means her big audacious goal of every household taking ownership over the state of their family’s well being would be achieved. It means seeing our ecosystems thrive by people growing their own food, it means harvesting from nutrient dense soil that’s been cared for, not plundered, and it means our health care providers would be largely focused on proactive health measures, rather than the reactive system we exist in today. It would mean living in a different world, with different values guiding a great shift in our generational health outcomes.

Do you think we can achieve that? Sounds pretty big doesn’t it. Hayley thinks we can. And that’s why she left her medical research career in 2018 to breathe life into Eat for You. To combine the lens of her beloved science with the knowledge and wisdom we’ve collected from our ancestors. To bring back what’s right, and marry it with what science tells us is true. To focus on the health of the people who are yet to be born, by changing the ways of the people who come before them.

It’s Hayley’s purpose to guide the team at Eat for You to achieve her big audacious goal, by offering the first range of real food products and education that doesn't compromise.


Do you see all these beautiful images on our website and in our socials? Yep, that’s Elly Dickinson’s work. She’s a clever one in the creative department. A mum passionate about good nutrition, she left her career working in busy commercial kitchens to join Hayley on her quest to change the face of nutrition for future generations. 

Elly has an incredible knack for creating delicious, nutrient dense meals that look magazine worthy on a plate. She finds joy in the creative process of making, testing, capturing and developing beautiful recipes. Elly is the reason the food we offer not only packs a punch in the nutrients department, but always hits the spot in terms of taste.

When not dreaming up our recipes, Elly is in charge of all things creative here at Eat for You. No new design gets passed without her approval! Photography is her passion, and her gift we reckon. She weaves her magic on all things visual, hoping to leave a little bit of beauty wherever she goes.

In addition to her creativity in the kitchen and behind the camera, Elly brings the heart to Eat for You. She is the woman replying to the DM’s at all hours of the day and night from people who just need someone to talk to. Elly has had way more than her fair share of traumas in her short beautiful life, but instead of letting them hold her back, she uses that raw emotion to connect with you. She will be there for you, no matter what. Understanding the pain, never judging, knowing that there is no solution, but that a supporting person, who genuinely cares about you can make all the difference in that moment.  You don’t have to ask her to be there, she already is. That’s our Elly.


Meet Eat for You nutritionist, Adelle.

This sweet woman is the kind of person you want in your corner. Always loving, caring, nurturing and kind, Adelle beams peace, generosity and light onto all those lucky enough to know her.

Adelle has been a big foodie from way back. Her childhood was spent running around barefoot on her grandparents fruit farm in the Mary Valley, and learning to cook in the kitchen with her grandma. To young Adelle, food wasn’t just a pillar for health, but also a source of happiness and enjoyment. And luckily for us, this joy of food continued on into her adult life where her passion and love for nutrition co-exists with her dream of sharing her wealth of knowledge with others.

Adelle started on the long path to becoming a nutritionist after taking on her first job in a community pharmacy when she was 14. Seeing people on multiple medications suffering through counteracting or unpleasant side-effects was something that she thought needed to change. Or maybe, just maybe, something that could even be avoided?!

Having always been one to ask questions (in particular, “why?”) Adelle was pretty much destined to a degree in health science.

Majoring in nutrition (and being bloody good at it), she thrives on getting to the root cause of an individual’s health complaint. Peeling back those layers and digging in to the basics of human need is something she believes absolutely crucial for changing health outcomes. 

Adelle believes that good, simple wholefoods should be available to everyone, and it is her mission to inspire people of all ages to fall in love with nutrition. Because, when we reap the benefits of truly taking care of our health, and enjoy the process of making, eating and experiencing new foods, we open up our lives to something truly special. And Adelle is there to guide us every step of the way.


This shining, pocket full of sunshine lady is incredibly talented.

Stef Hanson is a bubbly ball of energy and wisecracks. Endlessly funny, a bit of a cool Mum to the sweetest gal - Frankie Flo, and just all round glorious to know, Stef is an absolute guru in all things photo and video. Don't tell her, but we are pretty pumped to have scooped her up into our team.

Tassie girl by birth but Melbourne girl at heart, Stef is addicted to triathlon - a sport with just the right amount of crazy to suit her energetic, hyperactive, goal oriented and competitive personality. She not only loves competing, watching and talking about triathlon, but also bringing the joy of sport into the digital age with her mad skills in video production and editing.

A creative soul through and through, Stef started Stef Hanson Productions to really hone in on her obvious skillset. A natural at getting you to feel the power and emotion behind all of her videos, Stef joining our Eat for You team has really brought our digital vision to life in the best of ways.

We kind of big time adore her, and we just know you will too.