Our Vision

Welcome to Eat for You, your destination for healthy snack food that prioritises personalised nutrition and integrity. Explore our range of nutrient-tested snack bars, meticulously crafted with certified organic ingredients to support your wellbeing. Experience the power of transparent, batch-tested bars packed with essential nutrients, protein, fibre, and wholesome energy. Fuel your life with Eat for You's delicious and nourishing options.

Our Guiding Principles

We provide food that fosters generational health and wellbeing.

We believe nutritious food is a fundamental human right.

We believe our behaviour impacts others.

We value transparent and authentic relationships.

We value time with our families. 

We value regeneration.

Why are we here?

Because everyone deserves to feel good. And it’s our responsibility to pay it forward to future generations, using what we’ve learned from those who’ve come before us.

We believe in going back to basics. Back to the pillars of soil health, real food, movement, sleep and community. Back to our foundation for longevity. A place where health and healing resides in abundance, no matter what life stage you are in.

Here’s the thing. We all have a health legacy. That’s important to understand. It’s made up from the gift of our genetics and the lifestyle of our parents at the time of conception, right through our mother’s pregnancy, into early childhood and everything we've experienced in our lives up to this moment.

Some of us were gifted full tanks! Parents that were in optimal health when they built our precious bodies. For others, there may be some things about our build that leave us more vulnerable to challenges in life. Fault finding is not the focus here; but fact finding is.

The critical fact we want you to remember is this - we each have the power to optimise whatever health we were gifted. To make it better. To amplify the good bits.

And we believe the most powerful way to do this is with food - the very building blocks of our body. 

Want more details? Keep reading. Or start your food journey with us here.

Fact: we’ve lost our way a bit with what we grow and eat, there’s no denying it. We’ve progressively outsourced more and more of our food production, handling and distribution, so that the overwhelming majority of our food is now controlled by only a few really big corporations.

In general, most of us don’t know how to grow or harvest food. We rarely know the people who produce our food. It just magically appears on supermarket shelves - a limited range of the same old varieties of food - shiny and flavourless. Some of us are lucky enough to have access to market gardens or farm gates where we get a little closer to the growers of our food. But this is a rarity.

As we move through our life, we undergo many distinct periods of change. Newborns to toddlers, toddlers to children, children to adolescents, adolescents to adults. These periods are accompanied by growth and learning. As we become adults, we stop physically growing, but we continue to change, renew our cells and we can still learn. Some become parents, many become the carers of their own parents. Most women will transition through perimenopause to menopause and become an older and wiser version of themselves. Each of these stages of our life comes with unique challenges to our physiology. Supporting our body through these transitional times is critical to ensure we live with ease and grace.

If we didn’t start with a full tank, we can always seek to fill them up. As parents-to-be, we have the power to provide the ultimate gift to our own children and our grandchildren and beyond - simply by optimising our own health before we conceive. 

For those past this stage of life, there are always things we can do to fine tune our health and influence the health of those around us by making lifestyle choices that promote health. We can reinvest in our own health tanks and provide a sound example of how to thrive for younger generations so they may fill their own.

How do we do what we do?

At Eat for You we know that everyone deserves the right to access good food and that the choices we make matter.

The choices we make about the foods we eat matter for each of us directly, for our families and for the health of Mother Earth. We’re talking about the kind of food that builds wellness, not illness. Whole food ingredients and recipes that teach and inspire you to pay it forward to current and future generations. Where you start to create your own family tree of health.

Now, we all come to this time in our lives with different resources available to us. Some of us have an abundance, whilst some are still building their toolkit.

That’s why we like to call our offering a ‘choose your own adventure’. Remember those books? Where it’s you who controls the choices you make and the path your story takes? 

No matter where you’re at right now, here’s what we can offer you:

    • Delicious and simple recipes so you can DIY.
    • Pre-made nutrient-tested snacks that are delicious, made using organic whole ingredients that are minimally processed and handled in a way that is as close to nature as possible. This is our specialty.
    • A commitment to return 50% of our company profits in food donations to those in need.
    • A growing catalogue of knowledge from a range of sources so that you can find the story that aligns for you.