Clean + Conscious Awards 2022

Eat for You wins Social Responsibility Award for Food + Nutrition

The Social Responsibility Award goes to Eat for You, recognising the business for leading change and committing to making a positive impact on society. Only eight awards have been given across a range of categories, with Eat for You taking Food + Nutrition. 

The Clean + Conscious Awards recognise the best products that are clean (non-toxic) and conscious (ethical, sustainable and responsible). They are independently run, acknowledging more than 400 finalist products that are scientifically-researched and verified to be non-toxic, as well as sustainable, ethical and responsible. 

Eat for You founder Dr Hayley Dickinson, PhD says “we’re conscious of the unfair reality facing society, those who need the greatest nutritional support are generally those who cannot afford it. That’s why our mission is to provide everyone with access to good food”. 

The business does this in three ways

1. Produce a premium organic bar and bite that does not compromise on anything

2. Provides access to all product recipes via eBooks and social media so that those that wish to can make nutritious food at home

3. Use 50% of profits to directly donate their food to those in need

To date, Eat for You has donated over 600kg of food to those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. They work with a range of donation partners to get this food directly into the hands of those who desperately need it. Feeding those experiencing homelessness, new Mums with limited resources, kids in school breakfast programs, those in vulnerable communities and crisis situations such as the recent Northern NSW floods. 

Founder of the Clean + Conscious Awards, Emily Fletcher has thanked Eat for You for “building an exceptional brand that embodies everything we value in a business: ethics, integrity, and care.” 

Eat for You’s mission is to make nutritious food accessible to everyone. They do this by nutrient testing every batch they produce; sharing their recipes and using 50% of their profits to feed those experiencing homelessness and disadvantage. Eat for You snacks all come in sustainable certified home compostable packaging. Simply pop the wrapper in a compost bin and it will be gone in 26 weeks or less.

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